Sunday, January 27, 2008

Iowa York Rite College

Yesterday was the winter meeting of the Iowa York Rite College in Marshalltown. We met at the Masonic Temple in Marshalltown. We initiated eleven new Knights of York in this impressive ceremony. There was a great turnout and we were fortunate to have M.W. Bro. Donald E. Mosier, Grand Master of Masons in Iowa in attendnace.

I sensed a lot of warmth and brotherly love exhibited among the brothers in attendance. Everyone really seemed to have an enjoyable afternoon and our meal afterwards was delicious! Congratulations to our Governor, Greg Anderson for a very successful meeting.

Several knights were honored included Billy Joe and Bryce Hildreth who will be receiving the Order of the Purple Cross later on this year. Bro. Tim Anderson will also be receiving that honor as well. Several service awards were presented to well deserving brothers.

The York Legend dates back to 926 A.D. and its Constitution played a formulative part in the founding of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717 on through the present day. The year 926 A.D. marks the beginning of the Order working under an authoritative Charter. The Charter of York was adopted at the general assembly of the craft held in ancient York under the patronage of King Athelstan, the first Saxon monarch to assume the title "King of England". Athelstan prepared and submitted all the documents which had been saved from the fires of the Roman invaders.

King Athelstan--like his grandfater Alfred the Great--is described as being a liberal thinker. He was also an architect and in addition to his many acts of church building and the promotion of learning, he gave charters to many Masonic guilds.

Every Grand Lodge today is a lineal descendent of the 926 York Assembly of Masons. Every copy of the Ancient Manuscript Constitutions reaffirms this end in 1717 when the first organized speculative Grand Lodge was organized, the terms of the York Charter were adopted and used as a basis for its Constitution and Declaration of Principles.

I also enjoy going to the meetings of the Iowa York Rite College. The degree work portrays a wonderful story of our Masonic history and it is enjoyable to see it portrayed by such able ritualists that we have in the College. One of my very favorite parts is the Rose Lecture. It is a beautiful lecture.

Congratulations to all of our new Knights of York!

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