Saturday, January 5, 2008

Masonic Installations

Today I attended the installation of the 2008 officers of King David Lodge #407 in Altoona and Southgate Lodge #657 in Des Moines. Bro. Marion Klaver was installed as Worshipful Master at King David and Bro. Garth Searcy at Southgate. I have known both of these brothers for some time and so it was a real privilege for me to be at their installations as they and their officers start the new year.

I always like to attend a few installations each January. I enjoy hearing the outgoing Master review his year and the accomplishments of his lodge and it is enjoyable to see the new officers anticipating the work of the coming year. I especially like to see those new Masons holding office for the first time. You can sense in them a lot of anticipation for their new duties.

Bro. Craig Davis presented Bro. Gil Mote (the outgoing W.M. of Southgate Lodge) with a plaque honoring Southgate for attaining the silver level for the Lodge of the Year. It is my understanding that Bro. Gil was a first time Worshipful Master. Gil is a past Grand Patron of the Order of the Eastern Star. He is a great guy and I always enjoy visiting with him when our paths cross. He was a great leader for Southgate. Bro. Tony Palmer was the outgoing Worshipful Master at King David. Tony also had a good year. I know his dad (Steve Palmer) and his father-in-law (Don Timmons) who are both Past Masters of King David are very proud of this young brother and his leadership of King David.

I have always felt that at the end of a Worshipful Master's term in office if he has lived up to the responsibilities of his office, part of him should feel a sense of relief to hand the gavel over to his successor, but the other part of his being should be beeming with pride over what was accomplished during the year. Being Worshipful Master of a lodge is like having a second full time job for that particular year, but if you have put your "heart and soul" into the job, it will be a year that you will never forgot and you will have earned a well deserved level of respect from the brethren of your lodge.

For those of you who are serving as Worshipful Masters this year, give it "your all". Live up to the responsibilities that the brethren of your lodge have placed in your hands. Lead with humbleness and serve with pride. Make it a great year for yourself and your lodge.

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