Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blue Lodge OFficers Breakfast

Yesterday I attended the annual Blue Lodge Officers' Breakfast at the Des Moines Scottish Rite. I have went for the past several years and I must say it is something that I always enjoy and look forward to as a way to start off a New Year.

It is fun to go in and meet old friends, but also meet some new ones. It is also fun to see those brothers who are either new officers in their lodge or the ones that have assumed the responsibilities of the Oriental Chair.

I did finally manage to get another one of our officers from Newton Lodge #59 to go along with me yesterday. Bro. Gary Pearson, our Senior Steward went along with me. Gary told me to do "the talking" and then I forgot to introduce. Luckily Gary is not a bashful guy and he got around and met several people.

I admire some of the lodges who are able to get four or five of their officers to go to this breakfast. I always tell brothers in my lodge that the real fun of Masonry is getting out and going. I think some of the Newton boys are afraid to leave town...their carriages might turn into pumpkins! How do you learn about Masonry, if you don't get out there and experience it!

Some of the great friends that I saw yesterday were Bros. Bud Erickson, Charlie Brinkerhoff, Sam Wise, Bill Knoll, John Clearman, Brian Pappadacus, Craig Davis, David Dryer, George Robinson, Jay Simser, Doug Woodley, Greg Spooner, David Minor...everywhere I looked I saw friends. What a feeling! That is what Masonry is all about...that is the true secret of our fraternity!

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It was a great event and it was great to see you (and the others) there. You are right. Getting out and around make the universality of Masonry more evident. I love it. See you around. jcs