Saturday, February 2, 2008

Chapter Ritual School

This morning I had the pleasure of attending Corinthian Chapter #14 Royal Arch Masons ritualistic school in Des Moines. This was the second year for this event. Today we had approximately 30 companions in attendance and it was slightly warmer than it was last year. I remember we had a very cold day last year for the school.

Sir Knight and Companion David M. Dryer lead the school and did an outstanding job. David puts so much enthusiasm into his ritualistic work (no matter if it is Blue Lodge, York Rite, Scottish Rite or what)! He is just an outstanding ritualist.

I have enjoyed this school very much both years that I have attended and have learned a lot. I particularly enjoy seeing the Chapter degrees, because it explains so much about the work that you experience in the Symbolic Lodge and answers so many questions. It used to be in this country that you really had not completed your Masonic journey until you had received the Royal Arch degree. So many towns had a Chapter right along with their Blue Lodge. Today it is my understanding that we are down to only slightly over 40 chapters in Iowa.

We had the pleasure of having four Past Grand High Priests in attendance with us: Jay Cole Simser, Clint Smith, B.O. Bryngelson, and Gregg Anderson. We also had our current Grand High Priest (Rick Butler) with us.

It was a great morning and I definately came away "pumped up".

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