Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Installation at Hermon Lodge #273

Tonight I had the pleasure of participating in the installation of the 2008 officers of Hermon Lodge #273 at Grinnell. I always enjoy going over to lodge at Grinnell. They have a beautiful Temple and the brothers in Newton and Grinnell are always willing to work back and forth with each other.

I had the pleasure of serving as the Installing Marshal this evening. M.W. Bro. Ross McCulla P.G.M. was the Installing Master. Bro. Ross is someone I really admire. He truly is a Mason's Mason. He is always so distinguished and eloquent. He performs the installation ceremony from memory and so that always seems so special.

Tonight Bro. Jim Bell was installed as Worshipful Master of Hermon Lodge #237. Bro. Jim has been a member in Grinnell for three years and was a member for several years previously before coming to Grinnell.

After Bro. Ross had installed him as Master, Bro. Jim made some comments to the assembled brethren and ladies before the installation continued. I was so impressed with his comments as they came directly from the heart and expressed his feelings on how Masonry had changed him. Jim is an ex Marine. He said his military service had somewhat hardened him, but Masonry has changed him. He made comments to each of his officers and told each one individually what they meant to him and his life.

Jim's comments certainly came from the heart. I was so impressed and thought what a wonderful way to start your year as Worshipful Master.

Bro. Madison Tomfeld was installed as Treasurer. Madison is such a great brother and someone I truly truly admire. When I went to escort him to the East, I was going to do it from the right side as I thought it would be easier for doing. He told me to get over on the left side! No short cuts for Madison! He truly is the heart and soul of Hermon Lodge #273 and is a great example to all of us. I had the pleasure of nominating him for the T.S. Parvin award in 2003. Bro. Madison was a truly deserving recipient of this award.

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