Sunday, March 2, 2008

Grand Commandery School of Instruction

Yesterday afternoon I drove up to Ames to participate in the Grand Commandery Knights Templar School of Instruction. Sir Knights Eugene Aldrich PGC; Butch Zummak PGC; and Bryce Hildreth, Grand Captain General and members of the Board of Instruction were our instructors.

We had a good crowd, I believe there were about 20 Sir Knights there. St. Aldemar's Commandery #30 of Marshalltown was the best represented, with 5 in attendance. Gene went through a power point presenation on proper uniform etiquette and attire and also how to hold the sword. It was very informative. When then adjourned to the asylum and practiced the 10 man opening. Luckily I was a "sideliner". It has been awhile since I took the part of the Commander for opening (though I have done it several times)! Gregg Anderson was the Commander for the opening practice.

David Baker and Frederick Killian from Ascension Commandery #69 were great hosts. I'm hearing some good things about the Ames York Rite Bodies. They are showing some revitalization up there. That is great! Kenny Smith (P.I.G.M.) was there. I always enjoy seeing Kenny. Mel and Mildred Sickels were also there. Mel is somebody I really truly admire in Freemasonry. He is one of those guys that is a "Masons' Mason"! I truly respect and admire him. We missed you Companion Jay.

I always enjoy going to these annual schools. I always pick up a couple good points, the trick is remembering them. Thanks Gene, Butch, and Bryce for a great afternoon of Templaary instruction.

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