Sunday, March 2, 2008

Grand Lodge Reception

After I was finished with the Grand Commandery School in Ames, I scurried on down I-35 to Southgate Lodge #657 in Des Moines for the reception honoring R.W. Bro. Craig Davis, Senior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of Iowa.

I first got acquainted with Bro. Craig when he served as Junior Grand Deacon for M.W. Bro. Alfred L. Jensen back in 2001-2002. Craig is a good guy. He takes a lot of teasing about his "shiny" head, but he always has a come back. He is a good natured person and always has a smile on his face.

Craig's grandfather was M.W. Bro. Carol Cremer. I still think of Bro. Carol when we have Scottish Rite Reunions. He was head of the class marshals. He had a way about him of just making you feel special. He was a great guy and truly exemplified what Masonry is all about. Carol did a lot for not only Masonry but also his community. He was a tireless worker on behalf of the Central Iowa Blood Bank.

Somehow, I think Bro. Carol was probably sitting up there last night in the Grand Lodge Above and smiling at his grandson and all of the festitivities at Southgate Lodge #657. It was a great reception. Craig said he was going to have an "old fashioned" reception with all of the trappings and he did. It was nice to see a little formality back in things!

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