Monday, March 24, 2008

Masonic Impressions

Last Thursday evening we had our March stated meeting in my lodge. One thing that I have been doing this year to stimulate attendance and bring back some of the guys that have not been there for awhile is to send them cards on the anniversary of their raising. I invite them up to the stated meeting in the month when they will be celebrating their Masonic anniversary. I think it has been working. Each month we get two or three to come who have not been there for awhile. I usually also get at least one email or note in the mail to read from a brother who lives away from here.

This month we had a father and son come up who are both observing their Masonic anniversary in March. Dad is 60 years and son 20. The dad is a retired funeral director and son is currently an active funeral director so it has been hard for them to come over the years due to the nature of their jobs.

We had one brother come up who was observing his 3rd anniversary. He is a busy young man, drives over 50 miles to his job each day as a electrician. He has a couple children who are busy with various activities. Jared is a nice young man and I always enjoy seeing him.

My issue was with our Worshipful Master and how he responded to him. I know nothing was meant by his comments, but on two or three occassions I heard him say to this young Mason, "well it's been awhile since you've been here. We weren't sure you were still alive". As I said I know nothing was meant by the comments, but stop and think before you say things! Our young Masons are busy people. Although we wished they would come and be with us more often, sometimes it is just not possible. Welcome them when they do come and make them feel that you are glad that they are here.

This young man did inquire about our street clean up project and when we were going to do it this spring. He remembered helping with this a couple of years ago. Despite his busy schedule, he was showing interest in the lodge and it's projects and was offering to help.

That is what is important, keeping people connected to the lodge. Maybe a brother can only come to one meeting a year or help with only one project a year, but everybody needs to feel a part of the brotherhood and be allowed to participate as their schedule permits.

Stop and think my brothers before you make comments to your brothers. Our best intentions sometimes don't come across to others as we want them to, despite our best intentions.

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