Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Honors Banquet

Last evening the Des Moines Valley hosted an Honors Banquet for the members who had attained the KCCH and Inspector General Honorary 33rd. It was a very gracious and special evening. The Knights of St. Andrew (KSA) are to be commended for serving as our hosts. I am so happy and glad to see a KSA group finally getting off the ground in Des Moines. I had wanted to see that happen and to be a part of it and now I can't be a member of it!

The food and fellowship last evening were great. I had great table mates...Bros. Eldon Walton, Greg Anderson, John Clearman, Jr. Sharp, and Charlie Brinkerhoff. By the personalitities present at my table, you can see I had a good time. Bro. Greg Van Vark did an oustanding job as Sovereign Commander of KCCH. I know he was nervous about his recitation, but as usual he did an outstanding job. A great evening indeed. Masonry needs more events like this, especially in our Blue Lodges.

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