Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mrs. Huigen

I saw in the Sunday paper where my first grade teacher, Mrs. Huigen passed away last Friday. It brought back a lot of memories of my first year of "all day" school with her clear back in 1967. It is hard to believe that was 41 years ago...am I getting old or what!

Mrs. Huigen was a great human being as well as being a great teacher. She was always so kind and treated all of her students in the same loving and caring manner. She was never strict and stern, but always guided her students with love, patience, and a caring attitude. She was almost like a second mom to her students.

One instance that I really remember from my year in her classroom was one time that she let me pretend that I was Santa Claus and I got to sit in this old captains' chair and hear what the other kids wanted for Christmas. Why this sticks in my mind after 41 years I don't know, but it does.

I last saw Mrs. Huigen a week ago at Park Center here in Newton. She was sitting in the lounge watching TV. I had went to see another friend there and I saw her in the lounge as I came and went. I wished I had stopped for just a few minutes to chat. I did so on occassion. I guess it reinforces that we should always take time for those special people in our lives, irregardless of how busy we might be with our comings and goings. Mrs. Huigen was 102. What a wonderful life she lead. She was a kind and gracious lady. She left her mark in this world. God Bless You Mrs. Huigen.

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