Sunday, August 10, 2008

Masonic Committment

I had a couple things happen to me today that has made me think about Masonic committment...maybe even committment in general. This morning a good friend of mine called me with some frustrations. He was installed as a Grand Chapter officer of the Royal Arch Masons of Iowa on Friday afternoon. He is a past Grand Lodge Officer and this was his first Grand Chapter appointment.

He told me that he was disillusioned with the "whole thing" in Cedar Rapids. The individual who had asked him to be an officer did not even have the courtesy to introduce himself to this junior officer or for that matter have an officers meeting prior to the installation and introduce the officers to each other and to tell them what is expected of them during their upcoming year. This junior officer had to go up and introduce himself to the presiding officer. The junior officer told me he felt he was rudely treated. Is this merely a case of finding someone to fill the chair or are we seriously committed to be a Masonic leader. I also heard at Grand Chapter that we would not have representation from Iowa at the upcoming Triannium in Indianapolis at the end of August. Maybe this is true, maybe not. I do know that one past grand high priest is going, but shouldn't some of our current officers be also attenidng.

Is it merely just getting that jewel hanging around our neck and that title behind our name? No, that should be the least of any Masonic leaders' concerns. Leading the organizing is what should be first and foremost. Where are our leaders? Anywhere??

This afternoon I drove golf carts at the State Fair. I usually try and drive a couple shifts. The proceeds go to the Transportation Fund and to the Shrine Hospitals. Hopefully my efforts this afternoon will have netted at least a $100 for those causes. While I was taking a break one of the fellow drivers and I was talking about those nobles who have not paid their dues (approximately 100) who will be suspended later on this year if they have not paid up. Jerry made the comment that he thought people thought they needed to be "entertained". We do a fairly good job selling and getting them in and then they are dropped for NPD because they have not been "entertained".

I don't know if "entertained" is the right word or not. I think it is simply a lack of committment. When you take those obligations on the Holy Bible in your Blue Lodge, so many people think they are just words. They need to go back and revisit those obligations...they are obligations, not mere words. It is the same in any of the other organizations as well. If you can't make the committment, then do the honorable thing, pay your dues and leave in good standing. At least that way you have left in good terms with the fraternity. People can't even do that. That don't even think of the committment to their fellow brothers.

Lack of committment is not merely just in Masonic bodies. Wherever we look we see it...home, family, job, church, spouse. I read Bro. Jay's blog tonight and he talks about "microwave mentality"...I am begining to think that maybe society as a whole has been in the micrwowave too long. It is zapped. It is time that we get back to honor and integrity...a man's word is his word.

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