Saturday, August 23, 2008

Good Bye My Friend

Yesterday the Masons of Iowa came together at the Des Moines Scottish Rite Temple to say good bye to our good friend, Bro. George Carr. Bro. George would have been happy to see so many good friends joined together enjoying one another's company. He would have been mingling throughout the room, greeting the assemblage with his infectious grin. Even though George may not have been physically present with us, his spirit was certainly there with us. It was a good party George, you would have been proud and happy.

George Carr was one of those individuals who certainly earned the title of being a member of the "Greatest Generation". He had served his country, his family, and his fraternity with distinction and untiring devotion. I have been a Scottish Rite Mason for almost ten years. It seemed like almost every event that I went to at the Scottish Rite over these past few years, I saw George. He always made it a point to meet and greet everyone that was there. He made you feel welcome and that you were special and he was glad to see you.

George's work through the Iowa Scottish Rite Foundation helped so many people further their educations and improve their lives. Gary Sissel made the comment yesterday that George was really the man behind the throne. Others may have been officially wearing the mantel of responsibility, but it was George who many often looked to for leadership and guidance.

At yesterdays' ceremony, George's family had to be impressed as the Double Eagle Chorus sang "The Rose", as Bro. Bob Speed played the wonderful organ, as the assemblage of brothers filed past George's picture to deposit the evergreen, and finally as the brethren circled the auditorium and sang "Auld Lang Syne" in George's honor. It was a beautiful tribute to a beautiful man.

George, we are going to miss you. I will think of you every time I walk through those imposing bronze doors of the Des Moines Scottish Rite Temple. Your spirit will always be with those that knew you. You were an inspiration to all of us who knew you...your spirit will inspire us to work for the beliefs that you so earnestly toiled for.

Farewell my brother. Your work was well and faithfully done. Rest well until we too shall be joined together in the Grand Lodge Above.

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