Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grand Lodge Reception

Yesterday afternoon Bro. Jay Cole Simser and I traveled to Iowa City Lodge #4 in Iowa City to honor Wor. Bro. Jason Wolcott, the Grand Marshal of the Grand Lodge of Iowa, and Wor. Bro. Michael Langford, the Grand Musician. Despite being a cold and blustery winter day, there was a nice crowd and lots of good fellowship.

It is a treat to go to a Grand Lodge reception in Iowa City because there is always a theme to their receptions. This year we were treated to "Mardi Gras" with lots of festive decorations and some Zydeco music (which by the way I feel in love with during my visit to New Orleans a few years back).

Our dinner was definately not the usual fare that you get out on the "rubber chicken" circuit: Jambalya, honey glazed carrots, and a delicious pineapple dessert (that recipe should be in Carol Mosier's cookbook)!

Jay and I shared a table with Kenny & Brenda Anderson, Charlie Brinkerhoff, and Denny & Janet Zahrt. With that group the conversation is always fun and entertaining!

One special attendee was M.W. Bro. Woody Morris, PGM. Bro. Woody served the Grand Lodge as Grand Master back in 1971. He is our Sr. PGM. It was great to see him again.

Our Grand Lodge receptions have definately been different the last couple of years. I have very mixed feelings about this change. Bro. Charlie B. and I have visited about this and Charlie made the observation that the receptions are part of the "glue" that holds the "Grand Lodge Family" together. I have come to agree with him on that. It is good to go and honor the honored brother and his lodge. I often think the craft really don't realize that it is an honor to serve as a Grand Lodge Officer and it is an honor to that brother's lodge. I think sometimes the craft have the feeling that it is a bunch of "mucky muck" folks hobnobbing together. We probably need to do a better job making everyone feel included in these functions. Sometimes I think we go to these events and we are happy to see our Grand Lodge friends that maybe we don't do the best job visiting with the brothers from the local lodges. Those of us who attend these events do need to make a conscious decision to visit with all of the brothers that are there.

After all the Grand Lodge of Iowa is not just the guys who wear the gold collars (or who have worn them), it is the craft of Iowa who work in the quaries of Freemasonry everyday!

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John Klaus said...

Hey, Bro. Wade!

Great blog entry! It was good to see you (and everybody else) at the reception yesterday, and I agree that it was a wonderful occasion in every way.

I have only one reservation with your comments about receptions, and I agree with you (as we've discussed) on most of your points.

The only potential problem is the cost of these events. Even though there is a charge for many attendees, the revenue seldom meets all costs. Some Iowa Lodges cannot afford the expenditure. And if the LODGE can't afford the cost, it falls back on the brother being honored--for whom it may also be a burden.

So I kind of like the present system, where several Grand Lodge officers can have a joint reception, and where, if a brother and his Lodge can't afford a reception, that's fine too.

I completely agree that GL receptions are great fun, and I try to get to as many as I can, just to see and chat with my Masonic brothers. At the same time, I'd hate to think I was having such a good time at an affair that neither the brother nor his Lodge could afford to sponsor...

You and I have both been there, and we both know what's involved!

See ya soon!