Sunday, February 3, 2008

Two Great Guys!

Friday night I attended the Consistro Bistro dinner at the Des Moines Scottish Rite. I took some pictures and wanted to share one of my "better" ones with you. The picture I have posted is of Bros. John Clearman 33 and Greg Anderson 33. Both of these guys are great guys. John is Past Grand Master of the Grand Council Royal & Select Masters of Iowa and Greg is Past Grand High Priest of the Royal Arch Masons of Iowa. Both brothers are in the line at the Des Moines Scottish Rite...John in the Council of Kadosh and Greg in the Chapter of Rose Croix. Greg is one of the busiest Masons that I know of...he is everywhere!

Greg and I have a running joke between us...we are always kidding each. I'm telling him that the White Shrine girls are going to be after him and he is telling me the Eastern Star girls are coming for me! We have a lot of fun kidding each other.

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