Friday, October 31, 2008

Masonic Pins

I read a blog the other day about a special gift that one brother had given to another was a beautiful display box to display various Masonic pins and jewels. If you are not a Mason you probably do not understand all those various jewels and pins that we brothers seem to collect. My jewelry box seems to be full of various pins and jewels and now I have added another couple boxes on my dresser that seemingly have filled themselves with various Masonic memorabilia.

I get a bad time from my wife about all my "Masonic Junk" as she refers to it, but what does it mean to me. I look through those pins and jewels and I think of stories behind each of them, rather it be from times that I served as a presiding officer (such as my Past Master, Past High Priest, Past Illustrious, Past Commander, and Past Patron jewels) or rather it be various lapel pins representing various potentates and Grand Masters. Each has a story to tell and memories to be thought of.

I think down the road to the day when I am an old man (anyhow hopefully I'll get to that point) and wonder if I'll be able to sit down in my rocking chair and go through those pins and jewels and remember all of the happy times that I had with various brother. Hopefully, yes I will.

So my brothers, keep collecting those pins and jewels. You are building your Masonic memories for your old age!

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