Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Masonic Memories

I was looking at the pictures that were posted on Bro. Jay Simser's blog regarding the pumpkin carving contest that Arcadia Lodge #249 in Ames held this past weekend. I must say there are some very talented "pumpkin carvers" in Ames...I noted the pumpkins with the square and compass and the one with the cross and ingenious.

What I particularly noticed most of all was how it looked like everyone (adults and kids) had a fun afternoon. I'm sure those kids will have lots of happy memories from that afternoon. That is oftentimes what is missing in our Masonic lodges, those fun and happy memories for our families.

I used to work with a guy who still talked about the Christmas parties at the Masonic Temple in Rochester, Minnesota where he grew up. Jim fondly recalled the times that he went to these parties with his grandpa and grandma who were both in the fraternity through the lodge and OES. Jim could still remember these fun times back almost 60 years. In my lodge, I have heard some of the old timers talk about rolling the carpet up in the lodge room and having dances.

This is what Masonry needs to get back to. It used to be the lodge and the church were the two main focus points in people's lives. Maybe we need to do some "refocusing" back to those two institutions of our communities.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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