Monday, December 31, 2007

National Treasures -- Book of the Secrets

Over the weekend, we went to see National Treasures--Book of the Secrets. It was a good movie and I enjoyed it. I went with the preconceived idea that I would see a lot of "Masonic stuff" in it, like I did in the first movie and I would have to explain what all those things meant to my wife. That was a false preconception. There really was very little about Freemasonry in the plot and for that I was somewhat disappointed. The only significant mention in the movie pertaining to Freemasonry was the supposed willingness of Queen Victoria to support the Confederate cause in the Civil War through her overtures to General Albert Pike. Well if you are not a Scottish Rite mason, you probably have never even heard of Albert Pike.

Nicholas Cage is a good actor (my wife says he is a "babe"...maybe that had something to do with why she wanted to go) and I always enjoy Jon Voight's performances. There were some beautiful scenes in the movie with Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills (did all of you Freemasons know that Gutzon Borglum was a brother of the craft?) and the technical filmwork of the City of Gold was really great.

All in all it was a good movie and I would recommend it, but to my brothers don't go expecting to see as much Masonic symbolism as you saw in National Treasures I.

P.S. I wonder what "G.W." has put in the Book of Secrets---hope he didn't fill it up!

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