Friday, February 27, 2009

Milwaukee Visit

I am attending an insuance seminar this week in Milwaukee. This is a great city. I did have the opportunity to visit the Humphrey Masonic Center in downtown Milwaukee. What a gem. The Humphrey Center is home to the Milwaukee Scottish Rite Bodies. There art collection is simply outstanding. Room after room of paintings. And there library...awesome. Though it does need some help in cataloging...Jay and Kurt are you available. There library is actually divided into two rooms. The bookcases were floor to ceiling and how beautiful the bookcases were...solid walnut.

Behind the stage in the main auditorium is another treasure. They have 50 huge paintings on canvas that are used in the degrees. They have an intricate connection system of ropes and pulleys that lower and raise the paintings as they are needed. The building also have some beautiful stained glass windows.

The Humphrey Center is home to the Scottish Rite, a commandery, four blue lodges, a language learning center, and also two churches. It was a real treat to visit.

I also visited the Tripoli Shrine Temple...that was another treat. It has an arabian motif. Every I looked was hand laid colored tiles. Tripoli Shrine is having their annual Shrine Circus this weekend, so everybody was "busy".

Well, off to another day of classes, then a test tomorrow. I'll be ready to come home. Have a good day friends.

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