Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Sad Duty to Do

Yesterday my lodge lost one of our Past Masters. Worshipful Bro. Paul Peck was called to the Grand Lodge Above. Bro. Paul served as the Worshipful Master of Newton Lodge #59 in 1968. He was only about 9 months away from receiving hs 50 year certificate.

The Peck family was one of the pioneer families of Newton. Bro. Paul's dad, C.A. Peck served as W.M. back in 1921, Paul followed him 47 years later in that same office. The secretary's desk in our lodge room belonged to Pauls' dad. It is a beautiful handcarved desk. C.A. used it in his office at the Newton Manufacturing Company (where he served as President). When he died in 1968, his family gave it to the lodge.

Paul was quite a guy, always friendly to everyone. Last September, we hosted the football team at our lodge for a breakfast. Paul's grandson Ed is the head coach. Pauls' family brought him up so he could eat with the football teams, he had a great time that morning being with the guys. I took a picture of him, his son-in-law, and grandson. He was also able to come up last fall for our Past Masters' Night. Even though the infirmities of age had caught up with him in the loss of his hearing and sight, he still enjoyed being in lodge.

Yesterday morning I learned that he was in hospice. I went up to see him after lunch, but unfortunately I was too late. I felt bad that he had passed before I was able to see him for the last time, but I know that he is now back in the hands of the Great Architect of the Universe.

Visiting our sick brethren and burying our departed dead are two duties as a Mason that I have come to take very seriously. We don't stress those duties enough to our new brothers. What we do in the lodge room is very akin to what we do when we are in a classroom...we learn the lessons that are being taught to us. Our real classroom is outside the lodge room...what we do there is the application of the lessons.

I will conduct Masonic rites for Bro. Paul on Wednesday evening. Last night I called all of our Past Masters and informed them of Bro. Pauls' passing.

Farewell my friend until we set together in the Grand Lodge Above.

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