Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lodge Milestones

Yesterday I attended the 150th anniversary celebration of Capitol Lodge #110 in Des Moines. Although I have seen the rededication ceremony many times and have participated in a few, I still always enjoy them. It is really amazing to me that any institution has survived for that number of years.

I think of all of the things that have happened to that individual lodge and all of the events that have occurred in our country's history over that time period. I also think of all of the brothers who have crossed the doorway of the lodge over that time. It is really astoninishing if one only thinks about it. The impact that Freemasonry has made in those lives.

I particularly enjoyed Capitols' celebration. All of the officers were in long tail tuxes. The Past Masters had beautiful gold Past Masters jewels really added so much class to the evening. The Grand Lodge Officers were also in their tuxes and jewels. There has been less formality in our Grand Lodge Officers the past few years (which I guess to a point is okay), but I still like to see them in tuxes on occassion. It is an honor to represent our gentle craft as a Grand Lodge Officer. That pride should show through.

I enjoyed seeing the sterling silver set of working tools that had been donated to Captitol back in 1907. What a treasure. It reminded me our our silver square and compass that we lay on our bible in Newton Lodge #59 each time we open the lodge. It was donated to our lodge in 1887. The history of those items and what they represent, is what Freemasonry is all about. Brotherly love and friendship throughout time immemorial.

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