Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bro. Carl Killinger 32 KCCH

Yesterday morning I was reading the paper and happened to see that Bro. Karl Killinger had passed to the Grand Lodge Above. Although I did not know Bro. Karl well, I had the pleasure of meeting him on a couple occassions. What a wonderful friend and brother. He and I had visited at High Twelve luncheons. He was also so friendly and gracious. The thing that I will remember about Karl (besides his wonderful music) was that he always had a smile.

Last year I attended the Iowa Veterans Band concert held the Sunday before Veterans Day at the Civic Center...what a treat. Karl was there in his white dinner jacket so ably conducting. This is an outstanding concert that is held each year. It was probably the best concert that I had ever attended...the music is simply oustanding. Karl Klllinger was the heart and soul of these concerts. I thought it was very appropriate that he had passed the day after the 2008 concert. One more concert by the maestro.

Karl was also a brother of our gentle craft. He was very active in the Consistory band and also in the Shrine Band.

I can also see Bro. Karl when he got to heaven asking where is my baton. The sweet sounds of the heavens now ring with the lovely music of Bro. Karl Killinger. Well done my brother, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.

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